About the Long Island Immigration Clinic


At the heart of the mission of the Long Island Immigration Clinic, is a commitment to be a welcoming presence to all undocumented immigrants who live on Long Island and are in need of our support and services.


This mission has a three prong focus:

  • To assist these individuals in gaining legal status to remain in this country,
  • To educate them in their legal rights,
  • To guide each person in becoming successful advocates on their own behalf in court proceedings, as well as the broader immigration forum and the communities in which they live.


The Long Island Immigration Clinic pledges that we will uphold these values:

  • To cherish the dignity of each person, sharing mutual respect, nonjudgment and compassionate support to one another– as immigrant friend, staff, volunteer, advisory board member, and all others we encounter in our work;
  • To treat as sacred all information shared at the clinic with the utmost confidentiality;
  • To foster and build community among all with whom we share our mission.


Sister Janet Kinney, CSJ


631-966-4148, ext. 101

Dena Spanos, LMSW

Program Coordinator

631-966-4148, ext. 102


Sister Rosalie Carven, CSJ – Board Secretary Sisters of St. Joseph

Elmer Flores
RAPP – Releasing Aging People in Prison

Richard Koubek, PhD

Long Island Jobs with Justice


Martha Maffei

SEPA Mujer

Sister Emily Masse, OP

Sisters of St. Dominic






Rev. Juan Pastor Reyes

Christ Episcopal Church






Jose Avila 



Rev. Marie A. Tatro – Board President

Episcopal Diocese of Long Island




The Long Island Immigration Clinic has been an evolving vision of immigration advocates on Long Island for several years, most particularly since 2016, when the arrest and detention of undocumented persons in ICE raids became more prevalent on Long Island. In response, a number of organizations, including members of the LIIC Advisory Board, became involved in creating a Rapid Response Network so to be able to mobilize quickly when these unannounced raids would occur. Volunteers were recruited and trained in Accompaniment work, walking alongside and empowering undocumented immigrants to represent themselves at federal court hearings and other appointments.


In 2020, a small group of Sisters of St. Joseph approached these immigrant rights organizations and individuals about initiating a Pro Se Clinic on Long Island to provide assistance with the completion of asylum applications. In September 2020, an Advisory Board was formed of organizations/individuals
with extensive networks in the immigrant community to begin the groundwork to make this a reality. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood agreed to be LIIC’s fiduciary sponsor and has provided space on its campus as well as the resources for its renovation for the clinic’s operation, additional seed money and other in-kind services.


LIIC is primarily a volunteer driven organization that provides training to the volunteers who will assist

the immigrant friends with their asylum paperwork, and who are overseen by pro bono immigration

attorneys and LIIC staff. Our first cohort of volunteers was trained throughout February 2022 and our clinic nights started shortly after.


Contact Us

For more information, e-mail info@liimmigrationclinic.org 

Advisory Board Member Organizations
Episcopal Diocese of LI, LI Jobs with Justice, RAPP, SEPA Mujer, Sisters of St. Dominic, Sisters of St. Joseph, YAM Community Resource Inc.

Under the Fiduciary Sponsorship of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, a 501(c)3 organization.